Healthy Walking Workshop

Healthy Walking Workshop - Walking by yourself

The past year has emphasized the importance of nature and its positive impact on our health. Whether it is a detour in the park or hiking through Van Gogh National Park: walking relaxes us, it allows us to breath in fresh air and it enables us to move our bodies. And walking is possible anytime and everywhere.

Are you looking for inspiration to make your walks more fun? To enjoy nature more profoundly? To experience your familiar walking route through different eyes? Then make sure to attend our online walking workshop on Sunday 25th of April!

Walking is healthy

A stroll through nature ensures we unwind, settle down, relax. Our ability to concentrate and pay attention improves, we become more creative, our memory enhances and our problem-solving capacity increases. Moreover, we get physically active, which is beneficial for our bones, muscles, heart and veins. On top of that, walking lightens our mood: it makes us happier! Even when we walk by ourselves.

Sunday 25th of April, 3.00-4.00 p.m. 

We all feel better after a walk and walking by yourself is always possible. During this online workshop, we take a closer look at the beneficial effects of nature and we will discuss a number of tools you can use during your walks by yourself. Additionally you will take a live stroll with our walking coach during this session.

Are you excited to learn more?

Join us!


This workshop is also available in Dutch: Wandel je gezond.

Algemene informatie

zondag 25 april 2021 - 15:00 tot 16:00